Knight Templar



The Knight Templar Caffé gives you and your youngones a unique expericence in a original hand paintend ambient, whether you like to have a pleasant drink or play with your children in the templar village.

The indoor playground (templar village) is on the first floor and has a ballpool, castle with slides, tramboline,video games and swings among other toys and stuff.

Video game room is for children that are over 5 years old.

The caffé has a wide variaty of drinks and cocktails, and among the best coffee in Niš (the best by many coffee consumers).

New in 2020 is our party and presentation room.



Birthday Party Organisation

Feel free to ask us for anything regarding your birthday party, we have both great ideas, sloutions and recomendations for catering aswell as cakes.

All our standard menys include

  • cuttlery for kids and adults
  • Board games
  • Animators
  • Birthday cards
  • Drinks and snacks for kids
  • Knight's Templar animator (extra charge)

For young adults (12+) there is a Disco/arcade that is rented by the hour with darts, video games, pinball machine, karaoke bar etc.